I Suck at Social Media

I know I’m supposed to update this blog more often. You know, spread my presence all over the interwebs, force awareness of my work among the populace. It’s what I ‘have to do’ to sell my books, and if I don’t, I guess writing must not be that important to me. I deserve to fail. Right?

Here’s the thing. I suck at making my presence known. I am the introvertiest introvert you will ever meet. I’m not shy. I’m not even necessarily unfriendly. I just have limited energy, so I have to ration it out.

I work full time. I am in a committed relationship. I have two kids, four dogs and one cat. Worst of all, I don’t have a live in maid. The little bit of writing time I carve out of every day, and it isn’t something I manage to do every day, is devoted toward the new book. Besides, to think anyone cares about my opinion or advice on writing or any subject feels like the height of arrogance.

How about a nice, inspirational meme instead?

you write

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