Holy Moly…


I finally finished the rough draft of Chapter 35, and it’s going to be a long one. Normally, each chapter document is about 6 pages long, which averages out to around 3000 words. This one is over 18 pages long, and is sitting at 7400 words, as is. I still have a lot of editing to do, but this means two things.

1: Chapter 35 is going to take a while. Sorry 😦

2: Chapter 35 is going to be divided into 3 parts.

I will say, though, that I am stoked to have gotten to this part of the book. Not to give too much away, but I’ve been waiting to write this section since the story was still in the outline phase.

To celebrate, the first ten people to create fanart for this series will receive a free, autographed hard-copy of Imprisoned when it’s finally published. To be clear, I mean honest to goodness paintings, comics, pencil drawings, etc. Two stick figures having a fencing match will not be counted as fan art. I can’t give a set date when Imprisoned will be finished, but I’m two-thirds of the way there.

 So stoked. Srsly.

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