Who the heck is K.M. Spires?

And why should you care?

I could get into the details of how I’m a Texas wife and mother, but let’s be honest. That’s not why you’re here. Chances are, you’re here because you know me personally. Less likely but far more awesome, maybe you’re here because you’ve stumbled across my life’s work.

This. This, right here.

Either way, welcome. The K. in K.M. is short for Kati, and I write paranormal horror. Maybe you read Caged and got curious. Maybe you’ve read the first few books of the Watcher in the Darkness Series and want to know when I’m going to get around to writing the next one. Maybe, you sympathize with my desire to do this writing thing full time and want to contribute to my Patreon account. Which, if that’s the case…I love you, you awesome, amazing, jeweled treasure of a human being.

I don’t have an agent (yet). I haven’t been offered a publishing contract (yet). What I do have is an insatiable desire to write, a can-do attitude, and whole bunch of books currently for sale on Amazon. If you signed up for Kindle Unlimited, you can read everything for free. If eReaders aren’t your thing, fear not, I’ve got you covered. A link to the printed copy can be found on each books’ Amazon page.

Or, maybe, none of that. Maybe, just maybe, you want to add a scary story to my collection. In which case, welcome. I look forward to getting to know you.

I don’t care why you’ve come. I’m just glad you’re here. Thank you for taking this journey with me.