Hire me!

As a writer that self-publishes, I know how difficult it can be to find trustworthy and affordable editing services. Professional editors are so expensive that it’s cost prohibitive for a lot of small time authors, like most of us.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve been writing, and reading about writing, and hanging out with people that also enjoy writing, for decades. Knowing that I am in no way a writing genius and infallible has left me open to marvelous feedback that has helped me grow as an author and evolve my writing style. I will be eternally grateful to the men and women that have helped me along the way, and now I want to pay it forward.

I’ve offered beta services to fellow writers, and I’ve never had anyone complain about my feedback. What I’m offering is a second pair of eyes, honest feedback, and one on one interaction to get your manuscript out of your head and onto bookshelves, where it belongs.

Or, I can write for you. So many people have a story in their head, but not necessarily the creative talent to put words to paper. And that’s okay. I want to help with that, too. Or, do you want to draft a resignation form your current job, break up with someone, or confess your undying love to your childhood crush. You want to write it, I want to help.

I accept Paypal, and my rates vary, depending on exactly what’s needed. If you’re interested in hiring my services, please email me at kmspires77@gmail.com.