Conversations with My Main Characters Pt. 3

Me: Ok, Toberino. We need to talk. Toby: *not looking up from his phone* Okay. Me: See, I’m reading through the last book, and I can’t help but notice that you’re kind of… Toby: *arches eyebrow* M: You’re a bit of a dick. Toby: And? Me: I mean, you aren’t unlikeable. But, you kind of [...]

Conversations with my Main Characters Pt. 2

Toby: *standing over my shoulder, arms crossed* Hey, I thought you already edited this part. Me; *continues to type like I didn’t hear him* Toby: Isn't this like the 20th time you've read it. Me: 😡 Toby: This is why you don’t publish more than once a year. Me: *types faster* Toby: You should learn [...]

Conversations with my Main Characters

Me: Okay, everybody. Thank you for coming. The first editing pass is finally done. It’s time to go back and do the fine tuning before we submit the files to Kindle. Is everyone excited? Karen and Toby: *grumble, covered in battle damage* Me: Great. Before we get started, does anyone have any questions? Toby: *raises [...]

The Possessed Recorder

This story contributed by yours truly. Me: That reminds me of my own nursing home spooky experience. I was in my early 20s but a lot of the new CNAs were in their late teens. I was the Mean Mom CMA. (Certified Med Aide). Me: Anyway, I’m doing my med rounds and I hear the [...]

The Demon in the Woods

Like most people nowadays, I suffer from anxiety. Actually, I suffered from anxiety long before it was mainstream, but whatever. My condition has turned me into a die-hard introvert...or maybe the reverse is true? Being a die hard introvert forced to leave my house has given me anxiety? Right. One way to get me to [...]