Conversations with My Main Characters Pt. 3

Me: Ok, Toberino. We need to talk. Toby: *not looking up from his phone* Okay. Me: See, I’m reading through the last book, and I can’t help but notice that you’re kind of… Toby: *arches eyebrow* M: You’re a bit of a dick. Toby: And? Me: I mean, you aren’t unlikeable. But, you kind of [...]

Conversations with my Main Characters Pt. 2

Toby: *standing over my shoulder, arms crossed* Hey, I thought you already edited this part. Me; *continues to type like I didn’t hear him* Toby: Isn't this like the 20th time you've read it. Me: 😡 Toby: This is why you don’t publish more than once a year. Me: *types faster* Toby: You should learn [...]

The Possessed Recorder

This story contributed by yours truly. Me: That reminds me of my own nursing home spooky experience. I was in my early 20s but a lot of the new CNAs were in their late teens. I was the Mean Mom CMA. (Certified Med Aide). Me: Anyway, I’m doing my med rounds and I hear the [...]

The Demon in the Woods

Like most people nowadays, I suffer from anxiety. Actually, I suffered from anxiety long before it was mainstream, but whatever. My condition has turned me into a die-hard introvert...or maybe the reverse is true? Being a die hard introvert forced to leave my house has given me anxiety? Right. One way to get me to [...]