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Caged: Welcome to Lycaon.

A small island in the Gulf of Mexico, Lycaon is world renown for its brutal supernatural history. Boardwalk rides, restaurants, carnival games, museums and gift shops dedicated to the Lycaon Beast make Lycaon a must-see tourist destination for the entire family.

There are a few local laws that must be obeyed: For your own safety, stay out of the water. Tourists must remain in the designated areas. Non-locals are strictly forbidden from venturing into Lycaon’s interior. All outsiders must be on the last ferry to the mainland, which leaves promptly at sunset.

Under no circumstances should non-locals trespass on Lycaon during a full moon.

Please enjoy your stay.




Draugr: Josh Cohen is devastated by the death of his girlfriend, Mia. He knows she didn’t commit suicide, as everyone claims, but he can’t convince the authorities of his small town to open a murder investigation. Pushed to the brink of insanity by the crushing weight of his grief, Josh will do anything to have Mia back.


Love conquers all, but vengeance can transcend death.


mary sue amazon cover


Amusing Mary Sue: Tate McGillis escapes to a secluded mountain cabin with his girlfriend, Lauren, for a weekend away. His romantic plans are ruined when he encounters an evil the likes of which he never imagined.

It’s not Lauren’s husband; he had no idea she left. It’s not the dark, sinister forest constantly changing around them. It’s not the undead crawling out of the lake with a taste for human flesh, or even the mutated spirit of a serial killer tormenting Tate for its own demonic pleasure.

A woman who will identify herself only  as Mary Sue Standin is stalking Tate without mercy, and her powers are unrivaled. She can break his bones with a thought. Without guilt or hesitation, she can rip everyone and everything he loves from the very fabric of reality. She can teleport him at will, leaving Tate to question the very nature of his existence. Because Mary Sue is the writer of his story, and Tate’s tale is not a pleasant one.


Amazon conveniently bundled my vampire series, Watcher in the Darkness.


witd amazon cover

Book One: Some people have to struggle to stand apart. Some are just born weird.

Toby knows what it means to be different. His father and grandmother are vampire royalty. His human mother murdered her entire family. Not really a vampire, but not really a mortal, Toby is all alone in the world.

The only way he can become a Pure vampire is to find the Tepes Chalice then enlist the aid of a reluctant teenage necromancer to transform him. Sounds simple enough, right?

Yeah. Sure.

Here’s the thing; Toby’s ex-girlfriend hid the Chalice thirty years earlier. The necromancer, Karen, might be of more help, if the two of them could stop arguing long enough to find it. On top of his day to day struggle for survival, his mortal enemy has suddenly reemerged and a horde of wild vampires is rampaging through town. It’s hard to imagine how things could get much worse.

Enter the Watchers.

An underground organization that’s declared eternal war on any threat against humanity, the Watchers are the bane of vampire-existence. Homeless and without a territory of his own, Toby must root out the source of the vampire attacks before the Watchers target him and every other Disavowed vampire in the city.


witd 2 amazon cover

Book Two: With the Watcher threat eliminated, life has gotten pretty good for Toby. At least, as good as life gets for a homeless half-vampire.

Of course, it doesn’t last.

The body of St. Justine, patron saint of all vampires, has been stolen from her shrine. Maybe Toby would be more upset about this, if she wasn’t the same woman that staked him through the heart and cursed him with thirty years of Waking Death. Around the same time, Justine’s vengeful spirit begins to appear to Toby, but mostly just to mess with his phone. Of course, Karen, Justine’s reincarnation, wants him to get involved in the search, but she’s too sick to enforce it.

What’s a guy to do, except lock himself in his room and blog about how he came to meet St. Justine in the first place? Hopefully, when the long, painful story is finished, he’ll be able to put their relationship behind him once and for all.

Toby will come to learn that sometimes the past refuses to be forgotten.



Book Three: Six months after turning himself in for murder, Toby the half-vampire has been released on bail to await trial. It’s almost certain that he will spend the next several decades in prison, and Toby has precious little time to settle his affairs. He is prepared to accept his fate except…

His best friend, Karen, has been replaced by a doppelganger. A strange plague is killing people all over the city, turning them into vicious walking dead. The revenant Justine, still roams the earth,and her innocent victims are literally piling up. Worst of all, Toby finds himself the pawn of immortal ex-lovers, each determined to thwart the others’ schemes.

Toby has less than two weeks to set everything right, but he hasn’t been the same since his release. There is a darkness inside of him…and it’s growing.